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Divided Land is a multiplayer RPG game featuring realistic survival and strategy mechanics in a vast medieval open world.

At the beginning of your journey you start with nothing and build your way up by gathering resources, crafting gear, forging weapons, taming wild horses, completing quests and establishing your own settlement. All this, while leveling up your character skills and raising your reputation.

The medieval times were harsh, and finding food and water sources was not a simple task.
Hunting animals, crafting, fishing, farming, and cooking are crucial skills for surviving in this environment.

If you manage to survive long enough, new possibilities will become available to you such as exploring the vast world, plundering and raiding villages, raising, training and equipping your own army, deploying siege engines, taking part in epic battles, and much more!

We started Divided Land because we could not find our dream game, combining the endless possibilities of “Skyrim”, the strategy mechanics of “Mount & Blade: Bannerlord”, and the real time combat system of “Mordhau”.

Divided Land is currently being developed for Windows on the PC, however, as we are developing using Unreal Engine 4, console support is possible. Depending on player interest, we will consider other platforms.

Divided Land has unique mechanics based on a realistic reputation system.

Helping, defending, and joining the community will lead to citizens respecting you. In turn they will assist you in your times of need and may even join you in your glorious battles.

On the other hand, stealing, raiding villages, and killing the innocent will also have consequences. Those actions will drive brave men, both NPC and players, to attack you on sight and steal your belongings.
So, make sure your choice is worth the price!

By increasing your reputation among citizens, players can attain titles of various kinds.
Earning and maintaining those titles is not an easy challenge, but it is very rewarding as it provides resources, land, protection, and an army.

While increasing your reputation, other men will naturally join your journey.
A player’s army size depends on their title and can be changed based on their reputation.

Another reason other men may join you is out of fear, from a highly negative reputation. Would you trust such an army?

Controlling your whole army, a predefined group, or an individual can be done by the user interface or voice commands.
Dividing into groups and creating different battle formations may be done during training by manually moving each individual soldier.

As your character progresses, frequently used skills will improve naturally over time, gaining a unique advantage over others.
For example, if weapon crafting is your thing, you’ll eventually become a skilled blacksmith. The same applies for horse riding, food cooking, fishing, siege attacking, and other skills.

The combat in Divided Land is dynamic and free. It uses real time collision detection and different animations based on your mouse direction.
Managing your stamina and footwork in combat is as important as your timing for attacking and parrying.
Unlike other melee combat games, Divided Land aims for long and meaningful combat. Therefore techniques like feints, drags, and accel will have less impact on battles.

While PVP is a big part of Divided Land, we understand that many players prefer the PVE / Co-OP experience. That's why we're also working on non-PVP content and to ensure that every aspect of the game can be achieved without PVP.
Also, depending on player interest, we will open PVE only servers.

Because of the unique reputation system killing new and friendly players will not pay off for most players.
Players with negative reputation will always be hunted by other players and NPCs. Be sure to walk only in daylight in open fields.

Yes! You'll be able to customize weapons, armor, and your own character's appearance as well as your army and mounts.

Beyond the resources, animals, farms, and other players, the world will also be populated with villages, houses, and NPCs - guards, villagers, traders and more.
It’s completely your choice how to interact with the environment, but remember, every choice has a consequence.

Divided Land can be played from both first- and third-person perspective.

Currently we have no plans to release a single player/campaign mode, however we will provide PVE only servers, based on player demand.

While most of the core features are ready, developing such a game is not an easy task, and all good things take time.
Having said that, we think that your involvement in the process is a crucial part of developing this game, so we appreciate your support and feedback even in the early stages.

We are a small, fully independent team of developers and gamers. Our team has been working day and night for over 2 years to bring our dream game to life.

Let us know by joining our Discord server and we'll do our best to answer and discuss your thoughts!

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